Building A Community
How to build your community through communication, and how Steam can help
Live on April 20, 2021
10:00AM - 3:00PM PDT
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All of your communication is generally working toward one goal: Giving customers a reason to play your game. That goal extends from strengthening your connection with current players, to finding ways to reach new ones. Join us April 20th as fellow developers share their approach to player communication. We’ll discuss Steam’s built-in tools, the value of social media, how to leverage the game development process in your communication, and more.
Join Valve and game developers from around the world for this free online event. You’ll hear from people with a variety of backgrounds behind games big and small, as well as from Valve’s own game teams, as they share their experiences and best practices for communicating with players. In addition, members of the Steam development team will conduct a hands-on deep dive into making the most out of Steam’s built-in communication toolset, including the updated Event and Announcement features. This developer-only event runs on April 20th but don’t worry if you miss anything! We’ll put up localized and subtitled videos of all content after the conference.