Steamworks 文獻庫
本單元旨在詳細說明使用者管理 Steam 商店狀態所需的條件要素。


應用程式應用程式為產品在 Steam 上呈現的主體。 每款應用程式通常擁有自己的商店頁面與社群中心,也會顯示於顧客的收藏庫中。
即將推出您可以在發行日期之前為產品設置「即將推出」頁面。 如此一來,您能讓顧客知道您的產品將於近期內在 Steam 上架,並圍繞該產品開始造勢,累積人氣並製造話題。
搶先體驗Steam 搶先體驗讓您能在顧客了解產品還「未完成」的前提下,於開發階段就開始於 Steam 販售遊戲。搶先體驗適用於尚處測試階段但可提供遊玩內容、價格值得目前可遊玩組建的價值,並有計畫繼續開發到發行階段的遊戲。
系列頁面將相關的遊戲、電影、軟體、VR 體驗連結在一起,定義和設定為系列,並將所有產品連結至同一系列首頁。
圖像資產 - 概覽為完成 Steam 發行流程,您必須為自己的產品提供一些產品圖像資產。 這些圖像將用於 Steam 商店和顧客的收藏庫中的各個地方。
Livestreaming (Beta)進一步了解在 Steam 的產品頁面或開發者首頁上實況直播您的遊戲。
在地化​​與語言支援Steam 是一個跨國平台,因此平台上許多功能可支援多種語言。 超過六成的 Steam 使用者在 Steam 上是使用英文以外的語言,因此配合這些顧客調整您的產品體驗十分重要。 Steam 盡可能地支援多種語言、貨幣、支付方式,在能力範圍內為全世界的顧客提供最棒的體驗。 本指南將說明 Steam 各個地方支援語言的方式。
商店頁面讚賞文字Accolades include reviews and awards that your game has received. This documentation will show you how to add these accolades to your product page.
在 Steam 上實行預購Our experience with pre-purchases is that they tend to be ineffective unless it’s a heavily anticipated, heavily marketed title, and even then we encourage titles to have short pre-purchase periods on Steam.
定價Partners on Steam are responsible for setting and managing pricing for their products. The Steamworks Developer site provides tools to configure pricing and discounts in all the currencies supported by Steam.
發行選項Depending on your product and the timing of your release, there are 3 different store visibility options you can choose from when clicking "Release App".
發行流程The release of your product is mostly in your hands, though Valve will need to review and approve your product before release. You can pick the date that it should release and you can configure most features yourself. The general process for launching your product on Steam is displayed at the top of your product landing page in Steamworks.
移除 Steam 上的產品If you need to stop selling your product for some reason, Valve can help you make the necessary changes. This documentation will be helpful if you are cancelling or retiring a game, or if you have lost distribution rights and need to stop selling a title.
store/review_processOnce you have completed your checklists, your store presence and product build will need to be reviewed by Valve before you can release your game or software. You'll need to click "Mark as ready for review" to communicate to Valve that you have completed the necessary work items and are ready for your store page and proposed pricing to be reviewed.
Steam 標籤Tags are terms that can be applied to your game, and visible on your store page. Tags are an important set of metadata that helps describe a game to customers and helps Steam figure out how best to recommend your game.
宣傳影片As part of the release process on Steam, you will be required to upload a trailer for your product. Trailers are displayed at the top of your product's store page and are often one of the first things your potential customers will be seeing.
Updating Your Game - Best PracticesA general set of practices to consider when making an update, along with some best practices that we at Valve have learned from the major updates we've made with our own products and by learning from the many other products that are available via Steam.
使用者評論Users that have recorded playtime on your product on Steam can write reviews and indicate whether they recommend your product to others. These reviews may appear on your product's store page and in the Steam Community, depending on how many other users find that review helpful. The aggregate of positive and negative reviews is used to calculate a review score which is also displayed on your store page, giving an overview of how customers have reviewed your product in the last 30 days and over its lifetime.