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产品营销的关键在于对您能用来营销的各种功能进行充分了解。 本节将介绍在 Steam 上营销产品的一些最佳实践,以及可供合作伙伴们使用的功能与工具。

社区优惠券社区优惠券是奖励给参与 Steam 社区活动的用户的优惠券。
社区管理在 Steam 上管理社区状态的最佳实践和指导方针。
鉴赏家及牵线鉴赏家Promote your game directly to Curators on Steam.
折扣Information about running discounts and sales on Steam.
活动和公告工具Communicate with your audience on Steam about your game.
功能、工具与市场营销Learn more about the various tools Steam has for marketing your game.
Google Analytics (分析)You can enable Google Analytics for your Steam Store page and/or Community Hub for anonymized data about your traffic sources and visitor behavior.
个人资料功能Games that have achieved broad player engagement and some commercial success are eligible to create content that players can use in their Steam Community profile. These include Steam Trading Cards, Badges, Background, and Emoticons.
Marketing Best PracticesIf you are working to bring your title to Steam, or have already released on Steam, we've got a few suggestion and best practices to help you think and ask the right questions about marketing.
Steam Branding GuidelinesTo ensure that Steam branding and trademarks are used consistently across all marketing and communication materials, we have some guidelines that should be followed by all partners when using Steam branding.
Steam Trading CardsSteam Trading Cards are collectible cards users get by playing games on Steam. By collecting the entire set of cards, users earn items that help them customize their profile and show off gameplay.
Store WidgetFor any game with a visible purchase option in the Steam store, you can create a widget with information about your product, current price, any discounts, and a purchase button to help you promote and display your title anywhere.
Visibility on SteamProminent visibility of products on the front page of the Steam Store is a careful balancing act. We want to show products that customers are interested in buying and are going to be happy with, while also giving new games and software a chance to find their audience.
WishlistsEmail notifications may be sent to customers based on a variety of trigger actions related to your game, software, or video on Steam. These triggers may change in the future, but this is a description of current set of features.