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UTM Analytics

UTM-аналітика в Steamworks допоможе вам оцінювати ефективність маркетингових кампаній, у яких використовується UTM. Параметри UTM можна використовувати в посиланні, де ваша сторінка в крамниці Steam є адресою призначення, і Steamworks підкаже вам, настільки ефективним є це посилання.

What is UTM?

UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is an industry standard approach to measuring whether specific links in your marketing campaigns are being clicked by customers. A link using UTM has specifically named parameters following the link's destination address. These parameters make it clear which link was clicked when a customer visits the destination address. For more background on UTM, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTM_parameters

Як це працює?

Відтепер Steamworks записує параметри UTM, що використовуються, коли користувач відвідує сторінку вашої гри в крамниці. Ця інформація показується на панелі в Steamworks і допомагає вам оцінювати ефективність ваших кампаній.

Звіт містить три розділи: огляд загального трафіку й конверсій, графік загального трафіку й конверсій за певний проміжок часу та детальну таблицю, що демонструє ефективність кожної унікальної комбінації параметрів UTM. Цю таблицю можна фільтрувати за конкретними параметрами UTM; ви також можете завантажити її як файл формату CSV.



Щоб забезпечити конфіденційність користувачів, інформація надається в стислому вигляді й не містить жодних особистих даних. Таким чином ви можете дізнатися про ефективність своїх кампаній без ризику порушити конфіденційність користувачів. Ось детальніше пояснення, як саме Steam захищає її:
  • Steam ID й інша особиста інформація не доступні та ніколи не включатимуться до звіту;
  • ми надаємо лише загальну кількість відвідувань і конверсій;
  • ми не показуємо дані щодо унікальних комбінацій параметрів UTM, якщо не досягнуто мінімального порогового значення відвідувань;
  • переходи деяких користувачів не відстежуватимуться через певні налаштування їхнього браузера чи файлів cookie.

Доступ до звітів

Доступ до звіту UTM-аналітики мають лише акаунти Steamworks із дозволом «Перегляд даних маркетингового трафіку» для вашої гри.

Tracked Visits

Four types of visits are tracked for UTM Analytics:
  • Total Visits: The total number of visits to your product page that had a UTM code attached to the URL.
  • Total Trusted Visits: A subset of Total Visits, excluding bot traffic and search crawlers.
  • Tracked Visits: The total number of visits to your product page for which users were also logged in.
  • Tracked Trusted Visits: A subset of Tracked Visits, excluding traffic that exhibit abnormal behavior.
Tracked Trusted Visits: Sometimes traffic to Steam exhibits abnormal patterns which leads us to assume it is not from a legitimate user. In cases where traffic looks illegitimate, it is not counted as part of the conversion rate for wishlists, purchases or activations. You can choose see all traffic, including non-trusted, on the UTM Analytics page.



When users visit your store page via a UTM link and log in to Steam, Steamworks increments the "Tracked Visits" count and also reports on conversions by those users.

The types of conversions reported are:
  • Wishlist: customer added your game to their wishlist
  • Purchase: customer purchased your game
  • Activation: customer installed your free-to-play game, or redeemed a key to acquire the game

Conversion timeframe

For the above actions, Steam will count it as an conversion if the user takes that action within 72 hours of clicking through your UTM link, even if they visit other pages in between.


Here's an example of a link to a Steam store page with properly formatted UTM parameters.

If that link was clicked by customers 20 times, the UTM Analytics report for App ID 480 would show 20 visits in the "Total Visits" column for that unique combination of utm_source, utm_campaign, and utm_medium.


The report also shows 6 of the 20 visits were by customers signed in to Steam. Steamworks attributed 2 wishlist additions, and 1 purchase, to the 6 "Tracked Visits".

Перші кроки

UTM Analytics in Steamworks is already enabled for your game. Here's how to get started.

Viewing the report

You can access the UTM dashboard via a tab in the Marketing & Visibility section for your game. If you don't see the UTM Analytics tab, check if you have the "View Marketing Traffic Data" permission for the game as that permission is required.


Creating a link

Links with UTM parameters are recorded by Steam if the following criteria is met:
  • Must refer to an app page on Steam. Links to other pages on Steam are not currently supported.
  • Must include the utm_source or utm_campaign parameter
The complete list of supported UTM parameters is:
  • utm_source
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_medium
  • utm_content
  • utm_term

There are two ways to evaluate the data reported by UTM Analytics
  • The graph of data over time, and the breakdown table which supports filtering and sorting
  • Download the data as a .csv file for use in the analytics tool of your choice

Testing a link

A tool to test if your link is valid is available on the UTM report via the "Test a Link" button. It's also a good idea to test links in a web browser. Note: visit counts on the UTM dashboard are updated hourly. Conversions are finalized 4 days after the visit.


П. Чому Steam надає UTM-аналітику?

В. This was built in response to the frequent requests from game developers for UTM reporting tools in Steamworks.

П. Чому я не бачу відвідувань UTM для своєї кампанії?

В. Here are some possible reasons:
  • Your Steamworks account does not have the "View Marketing Traffic Data" permission. For account permission information, please see Managing Your Steamworks Account > Group Permissions
  • If your campaign just started you may need to wait for the UTM dashboard to refresh. Visit counts refresh hourly.
  • We exclude showing unique UTM parameter combinations in the breakdown table when visits for those combinations do not meet minimum thresholds.
  • There may be an issue with the link. Use the "Test a UTM Link" tool (available via a button on UTM Dashboard) to check if your link meets reporting requirements.

П. Що таке відстежувані відвідування?

В. Tracked visits are by users who logged into Steam in the browser where they opened the UTM link. Only tracked visits are eligible for conversion (wishlist, purchase, activation) reporting.

П. Чи вважатиметься конверсією придбання користувачем іншої гри з мого каталогу?

В. Only a wishlist, purchase, or activation of the same App ID used in the UTM link will currently be considered a conversion. We hope to expand on our conversion insights to include scenarios like this.

П. Чи вважатиметься конверсією завантаження користувачем демоверсії чи завантажуваного вмісту гри?

В. Demo and DLC downloads which do not include the base game are not currently included as conversions for UTM links to the base game page. If a DLC package includes the base game it will be counted as a conversion.

П. Чи відстежуються конверсії через внутрішньоігрові придбання?

В. We do not currently report conversion for in-game purchases.

П. Чи відстежуються конверсії через цифрові ключі або роздрібні ключі Steam?

В. Yes, these conversions are tracked in the "Activations" section of the UTM Dashboard.

П. Do you track conversions for playtest apps?

A. We do not currently report conversions for playtest apps.

П. Do you support other community and store page links such as sub, curator, bundle?

A. At this time only app pages are supported. We hope to expand support for additional page types in the future.

П. Do UTM links get recorded if the store page opens an age gate?

A. Yes, the UTM click event is recorded for the app when the age gate page is shown. Customers who decide to stop at the age gate are still recorded as having clicked the UTM link.

П. What devices are supported?

A. Any device with a modern browser capable of showing the Steam store is supported. This includes mobile devices and tablets. We do not currently display which types of devices customers are using when they visit the store page via a UTM link click. If a user signs in to Steam on their mobile device where they clicked the UTM link, then subsequently makes a wishlist or purchase on a computer we will recognize that as a conversion.

Q. Why are my total visits different from the 3rd party reported number?

A. There can be a difference in the total visits reported by Steam and a 3rd party as Steam increments the total visits anytime the customer visits the link with UTM params on the URL. Examples include if customers share the Store page link w/UTM parameters for others to click, or visit the link using their browser history. We're evaluating how we measure total visits and will update this documentation if there are changes.

Q: Can I use UTM to create an “affiliate program” or reward players?

A: An affiliate program is where someone receives something of value in exchange for promoting your game. Steam does not offer an affiliate marketing program, but some developers have asked about creating their own by handling compensation outside of Steam and using UTM to track actions. We would caution against using UTM parameters to create your own affiliate or reward program, as such programs are susceptible to abuse by customers by holding purchases long enough to receive your reward, and then refunding those purchases. This can be difficult to prevent because the UTM report does not:
  • Reveal which purchases belong to which UTM parameters, only the total number of purchases for each unique set of UTM parameters
  • Adjust totals for refunds occurring 4 days or later after the UTM visit. We consider the UTM visit fully processed at 4 days.

If you are still interested in creating your own affiliate program using UTM links to your Steam store page, here are some rules to keep in mind:
  • Follow all applicable legal requirements. Note that legal requirements may vary by country.
  • Require from anyone who participates in your affiliate program that they disclose this fact to their audience.
  • Do not advertise affiliate programs on your game’s store page.