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Oct 21 -25
Announcing the second annual Steam Digital Tabletop Fest, a multi-day celebration of tabletop gaming, with featured discounts, livestreaming events, and more. This year's main stage streaming events, hosted in partnership with Auroch Digital, will feature a special focus on Role-Playing Games. We welcome all digital tabletop games to join in the event.

Registration for eligible titles is open now through September 23rd.

Marketing Assets
Promote your participation using our event marketing assets available on Dropbox.


Livestreaming Events (optional)

During the Fest, you have the opportunity to livestream your game so that potential players can see what it's like to play your game and interact with the developers behind it.

Setting your own events to appear on our schedule

You can create up to two special Tabletop Fest Livestream events among the schedule of broadcasts featured in the Fest. While all active livestreams will always be available at any time for players to browse, during your scheduled time your livestream will be featured more prominently on this schedule.

For more information, please see:

Be sure to select the Steam Tabletop Fest Special Events type in order to appear on the Event Schedule. You can only create two of these special events per app, even if you delete one so if you are testing your livestream setup, you should be sure to test by scheduling a regular livestream event type.

NOTE: If you collaborated with Auroch Digital to create a broadcast event, it is already featured on our schedule of Tabletop Fest events. To make your players and fans aware of these offical events, post an event of your own and link to the official event listed in the schedule. Your reposted event should not be set up as a Tabletop Fest Special event as indicated below, as this will just cause redundancy in the schedule. For more info, see the next section, Scheduling Reference Events.


Scheduling Reference Events

To direct your players and fans to one of our Fest's official streams, simply paste the URL of said event into the body of your own event's description:




For assistance with event registration or details, contact us via Steam Support at