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Scheduling Next Fest Live Stream Events

Livestreaming Events (optional)

During Steam Next Fest, you have the opportunity to livestream your game so that potential players can see what it's like to play your game and to interact with the developers behind the game.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read our livestreaming a demo documentation for details on how to set up a livestream of your game demo.

You can create up to two special Next Fest Livestream events to have your game listed in the livestreaming schedule and for Steam to promote your livestream to players. While all active livestreams will always be available at any time for players to browse, during your scheduled time your livestream will be featured more prominently.

For more information, please see:

Be sure to select the Steam Next Fest Special Events type in order to appear on the Event Schedule. You can only create two of these special events per app, even if you delete one so if you are testing your livestream setup, you should test by scheduling a regular livestream event type first.