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Reporting and Payments

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As a Steamworks partner, you are able to view sales and financial information for your products in two ways:

  1. The Sales & Activations Reports portal provides a near real-time view into revenue, units, player counts, geographic breakdown, and other statistics related to your product.
    Note: The revenue amounts displayed on the Sales & Activations Reports site do not include any deducations (refunds, chargebacks, taxes, etc).

  2. Your monthly sales report includes a more detailed breakdown that includes deductions and reflects the actual amount you will be paid. The monthly report can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

For your payment history, please see your monthly report by logging into your account at https://partner.steamgames.com and choosing Financial Information and choosing the Reports tab.


If your products have sales for the prior month and have exceeded the minimum $100 threshold, Valve will issue payment via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Valve issues payment for sales 30 days after they are made, usually at the end of the month. For example, payments for February sales will be made at the end of March.