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Associated Software Files
For Videos, Series or Tutorial Videos, there may be non-video files that should be delivered to the customer when the product is purchased. The current support for this is through an associated software app that is created and linked to the video product.

When a user purchases the video product, the software app is added to the customers library in the Software section.
At this time, videos that are purchased as gifts will not automatically grant the customer the associated files. Customers who redeem the gifted copy can create a support ticket to have the content added to their account.

Create Associated Application

If associated content is something you need for your video, select the option to create a software application for associated content during product creation.


During creation, the software application will be set up in the following ways:
  • The software application will be parented to the video product so that attempting to go to the software applications store page or community hub will redirect to the base video product.
  • The launch options for the software application will be configured to a set of scripts that open the associated folder for the user upon clicking Play in the Steam client.
  • The OS settings for the software application will be configured for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • The store page type is set to "advertising" which only requires capsule art to be uploaded.

Open Folder Scripts

When the software application is created, the launch options are configured to use a set of scripts that will open the folder containing the downloaded files. However, those scripts need to be delivered as part of the contents delivered during install, i.e. part of the depot that is uploaded for the software application.

  1. Download the AssociatedAppDownloadableContent.zip file to your local machine.
  2. Unzip the contents to the content folder that will be uploaded with Steampipe.


  3. Copy the files you want delivered as part of the software application into the Files folder.


  4. Run Steampipe to upload the files to your depot.
You should test the scripts are uploaded correctly using the Steam Client after setting the uploaded build to a branch for testing.
If you want to have an executable program for each OS that launches instead of opening the associated folder, you can update the launch options to point to the appropriate executable.


You will not be able to submit the associated software application for review, nor will you be able to self-release it at this time.

After the video has been reviewed and approved for release, please Contact Us and submit a ticket to have the software reviewed and released for you. This may take 2-3 business days, so please submit the ticket well in advance of your launch.