SteamVR is a runtime included with the Steam client that powers virtual reality experiences. SteamVR is automatically installed when Steam detects a headset connected to a user's PC. It can also be installed manually.


SteamVR lets users manage several areas of their VR experience, including:
  • Room Setup - Define your play area
  • Device Status and Management - Update Firmware, Pair new devices, change audio settings, mirroring, and customize features like Motion Smoothing

System Report

System Reports are a useful tool when troubleshooting your hardware, and you may need to generate one for customer support. You can generate a System Report in SteamVR by going to Settings->General, then click Create System Report, and click Save to File.

In-App Purchasing

SteamVR supports in-app purchasing using the same microtransactions API as other Steam applications. See Microtransactions (In-Game Purchases) for more information.

SteamVR Home

SteamVR Home is the starting place for users in SteamVR. Players can launch apps, connect with friends and explore different environments in private or public lobbies, complete quests, create and customize avatars and environments, and browse the Steam store and community. Read the launch announcement for SteamVR Home here

SteamVR Collectibles

SteamVR Collectibles are 3D items granted to players based on ownership and playtime of VR games. Developers can create custom items that will drop to players to be used as decoration in SteamVR Home environments.

Currently SteamVR Collectibles need to be manually imported by Valve. If you would like to discussing submitting a Collectible, please Contact Us.

Read more about SteamVR Collectibles

SteamVR In the Enterprise

SteamVR is designed to be distributed along with Steam, and receive updates via Steam. Sometimes it may be desirable to have SteamVR running without Steam, for example if a corporate policy prevents the Steam client from being installed. Information about running SteamVR in standalone installations can be found here.

SteamVR Overlay Apps

It is possible to create applications that interact directly with the SteamVR overlay, such as adding additional tabs or enabling other functionality even when other VR applications are running. You can read more about building overlay apps on the OpenVR GitHub page:

Overlay apps can be distributed on Steam like other applications by enabling the "Launch SteamVR Overlay" launch option.

Two example SteamVR Overlay Apps on Steam: