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Steam Controller Dongle Specifications


The Steam Controller is shipped with a pre-paired wireless USB dongle. When operating in wireless mode, the Steam Controller uses a custom low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless link to communicate with the dongle.

When using wireless mode try to place the dongle in a position where it has a clear line of sight to the controller during normal operation. This is essential to ensure the best wireless range and performance. The dongle can be placed behind a front panel or cover, provided that the cover material is non-conductive and transparent to RF. Avoid placing conductive objects, such as metal chassis panels, in close proximity to the dongle. For more details, see note 3 in the 2D drawing below.


Coexistence with USB 3.0 devices

USB 3.0 devices placed in close proximity to 2.4GHz wireless receivers will degrade performance. In most cases increasing the physical separation between the dongle and the USB 3.0 device will restore normal operation. For best results, the dongle should be placed at least 100mm away from any USB port where the user is likely to connect a USB 3.0 device.

For more information, refer to the whitepaper "USB 3.0* Radio Frequency Interference Impact on 2.4 GHz Wireless Devices", Intel Corp., April 2012.

Additional files

2D drawing with notes
3D CAD file