Steamworks Documentation
This returns everything the support tool needs to display history for a single asset.

Called by: Support Tool

HTTP Method: GET


appiduint3232bit App ID of the application associated with the assets.
contextiduint64The 64-bit ID of the context container this asset can be found in.
assetiduint64The 64-bit ID of the asset to return history for.


The output from this method should be encoded in the JSON format.

  • result
    • success - True if the method was successful. If the asset server is returning false, it should set error to a string that explains why.
    • error - a string describing why this call failed. This message will be recorded in the error log, which is available under the Economy tab on the Steamworks site.
    • history - an array of history events for this asset.
      • action - The name of the type of action this event represents.
      • timestamp - The time this event occurred expressed as seconds since 1/1/1970.
      • owner - The owner of the asset when this event occurred.
      • ownerid - The steam ID of the owner of this asset when this event occurred, if available.
      • data (optional) - More information about the event. This could be the name of another player, the name of a crafting recipe, or any other game specific value. It is meant to give the support agent some idea what has happened with this asset.
      • steamid (optional) - The Steam ID of the other player involved in the event, if appropriate.

Example Output

{ "result": { "history": [ { "action": "Econ SetUnowned", "timestamp": 1321059071, "ownerid": 76561197969518075, "data": "101" }, { "action": "Econ SetOwned", "timestamp": 1321059071, "ownerid": 76561197968459473, "data": "101" }, { "action": "Econ SetUnowned", "timestamp": 1321058861, "ownerid": 76561197968459473, "data": "101" }, { "action": "Econ SetOwned", "timestamp": 1321058861, "ownerid": 76561197969518075, "data": "101" }, { "action": "Added from Bundle", "timestamp": 1292657489, "ownerid": 76561197968459473 } ] , "success": true } }