Steamworks Documentation
This returns all of the audit records for a user within the specified time period. The time period to return is any event after starttime but before or at endtime.

Called by: Support Tool

HTTP Method: GET


keystringThis is the "Asset Server Key" that you provided in your app's Steam Economy Settings on the partner site.
appiduint3232bit App ID of the application associated with the assets.
steamiduint64The 64-bit Steam ID of the user to return assets for.
contextiduint64The 64-bit ID of the context container to retrieve the assets for.
starttimeuint32The start time of the range to return history for. This time is expressed as seconds since 1/1/1970.
endtimeuint32The end time of the range to return history for. This time is expressed as seconds since 1/1/1970.


The output from this method should be encoded in the JSON format.

  • result
    • success - True if the method was successful. If the asset server is returning false, it should set error to a string that explains why.
    • error - a string describing why this call failed. This message will be recorded in the error log, which is available under the Economy tab on the Steamworks site.
    • transactions - An array of transactions that occurred on the user's account in this context over the specified time range.
      • timestamp - the time when this event occurred. This is expressed as seconds since 1/1/1970.
      • action - A short description of this transaction.
      • actor_steamid (optional) - 64-bit steam ID of the initiator of this transaction
      • action_steamid (optional) - 64-bit steam ID of the other user involved in this transaction
      • records - An array of detail records within a transaction. These records could represent assets or any other unit of change to the context.
        • action - The name of the action taken in this transaction.
        • id (optional) - Asset ID of the asset.
        • name - The name of the asset affected by the record.
        • url - A URL with related information for this record.
        • icon_url (optional) - The icon to use for this asset. This image should be in the JPEG, GIF, or PNG formats and at least 96x96 pixels in size. PNG or GIF are preferred because they support transparency. Steam will provide CDN distribution for all images when they are displayed to users so the number of hits to this URL will be relatively low.
        • context_action (optional) - Describes what happened to this asset in the context that it was in as a result of the action. Acceptable values are either add, remove, or modify.
        • prefix (optional) - prefix string to show before the asset name on this record.
        • color (optional) - a hex RGB color string to use for the prefix.
        • has_details - true if IGameInventory/SupportGetAssetHistory will return valid data for this asset.
        • detail_appid (optional) - The app ID to look up details in. This is only really useful if two games are coordinating some sort of cross-game system. The default is to use the same appid the history is coming from.
        • detail_context (optional) - The 64-bit context ID of the context to look up details from. This defaults to being the same as the context history is coming from.
      • commands - A list of commands to show on this transaction in the support tool
        • name - The name of the command.
        • arguments - The argument string to pass back to the asset server when calling GetHistoryCommandDetails. The Steam Economy server does not interpret this data in any way. It can be whatever information the game needs to identify the transaction to perform this command on.

Example Output

{ "result": { "transactions": [ { "records": [ { "action": "Timed Drop", "id": 559964086, "name": "Bushwacka", "icon_url": "", "prefix": "Add", "color": "55FF55" } ] , "commands": [ { "name": "Undo", "arguments": "AGFyZ3VtZW50cwACdGltZXN0YW1wAHhHs04AYWN0aW9ucwAAMQACYWN0aW9uAAcAAAAHaWQA\ntl9gIQAAAAAICAgIAA==" }, { "name": "Rollback", "arguments": "AGFyZ3VtZW50cwACdGltZXN0YW1wAHhHs04ICAA=" } ] , "timestamp": 1320372088, "action": "Timed Drop: Points: 14114" }, { "records": [ { "action": "Achievement Award", "id": 556669733, "name": "Bombinomicon", "icon_url": "", "prefix": "Add", "color": "55FF55" } ] , "commands": [ { "name": "Undo", "arguments": "AGFyZ3VtZW50cwACdGltZXN0YW1wAPqqsE4AYWN0aW9ucwAAMQACYWN0aW9uAAMAAAAHaWQA\nJRsuIQAAAAAICAgIAA==" }, { "name": "Rollback", "arguments": "AGFyZ3VtZW50cwACdGltZXN0YW1wAPqqsE4ICAA=" } ] , "timestamp": 1320200954, "action": "Achievement Award: TF_HALLOWEEN_LOOT_ISLAND" }, { "records": [ { "action": "Trade", "id": 506851037, "name": "Bushwacka", "icon_url": "", "prefix": "Add", "color": "55FF55" }, { "action": "Trade", "id": 352354754, "name": "Mann Co. Supply Crate", "icon_url": "", "prefix": "Remove", "color": "FF5555" }, { "action": "Trade", "id": 352354753, "name": "Mann Co. Supply Crate", "icon_url": "", "prefix": "Remove", "color": "FF5555" } ] , "commands": [ { "name": "Undo", "arguments": "AGFyZ3VtZW50cwACdGltZXN0YW1wANkejU4AYWN0aW9ucwAAMQACYWN0aW9uABgAAAAHaWQA\n3e41HgAAAAAIADIAAmFjdGlvbgAiAAAAB2lkAMKBABUAAAAACAAzAAJhY3Rpb24AIgAAAAdp\nZADBgQAVAAAAAAgANAACYWN0aW9uACIAAAAHaWQAFwwBHgAAAAAIADUAAmFjdGlvbgAiAAAA\nB2lkALVwYxkAAAAACAA2AAJhY3Rpb24AIgAAAAdpZADd\/5kWAAAAAAgANwACYWN0aW9uACIA\nAAAHaWQAr8WaFgAAAAAIADgAAmFjdGlvbgAiAAAAB2lkAAe9LhcAAAAACAA5AAJhY3Rpb24A\nIgAAAAdpZABcC\/wdAAAAAAgICAgA" }, { "name": "Rollback", "arguments": "AGFyZ3VtZW50cwACdGltZXN0YW1wANkejU4ICAA=" } ] , "timestamp": 1317871321, "action": "Trade", "action_steamid": 76561198007577949 }, ] , "success": true } }