Steamworks Documentation
This returns all of the audit records for a user within the specified time period. The time period to return is any event after starttime but before or at endtime.

Called by: Support Tool

HTTP Method: GET
This returns a list of detailed actions that the asset server is going to perform if this command is confirmed. For complex actions the support agent can optionally enable or disable pieces of the transaction command. If the support agent confirms the details, HistoryExecuteCommand/v0001 is called.


keystringThis is the "Asset Server Key" that you provided in your app's Steam Economy Settings on the partner site.
appiduint3232bit App ID of the application associated with the assets.
steamiduint64The 64-bit Steam ID of the user to return assets for.
contextiduint64The 64-bit ID of the context the assets can be found in.
commandstringThe name of the history command.
argumentsuint32The arguments string that was returned from GetUserHistory for this command.


The output from this method should be encoded in the JSON format.

  • result
    • success - True if the method was successful. If the asset server is returning false, it should set error to a string that explains why.
    • error - a string describing why this call failed. This message will be recorded in the error log, which is available under the Economy tab on the Steamworks site.
    • actions - An array of actions the asset server will perform if the agent confirms the command.
      • id - ID of the asset that will be affected by this action.
      • icon_url(optional) - The icon to use for this asset. This image should be in the JPEG, GIF, or PNG formats and at least 96x96 pixels in size. PNG or GIF are preferred because they support transparency.
      • name - Name of the asset to be affected.
      • command - The sub-command to perform on this asset. This value is passed back at confirmation.
      • note(optional) - Additional information to show below the name in the confirmation dialog.
      • argument(optional) - The argument string to pass back if this action is still selected at confirmation.
      • steamid(optional) - The 64-bit Steam ID of the user that currently owns this asset. The user's name is shown next to the asset name
      • optional(optional) - If this is true the support agent is able to uncheck this action and skip it in the command. Defaults to true.
      • default(optional) - The default state of the checkbox in the confirmation dialog. Defaults to true.

Example Output

{ "result":1, "actions": [ { "id":"2111437", "icon_url":"", "name":"Berliner's Bucket Helm", "command":"Restore", "note":"Purchased" }, { "id":"2121062", "icon_url":"", "name":"Manniversary Package", "command":"Delete", "note":"Timed Drop" }, ], "displaytext":"" }