Steamworks Documentation
This is called by the support tool when the support agent clicks on one of the context commands returned by GetContexts/v0001.

Called by: Support Tool



keystringThis is the "Asset Server Key" that you provided in your app's Steam Economy Settings on the partner site.
steamiduint64The 64-bit Steam ID of the user to run the command on.
contextiduint64The 64-bit ID of the context that asset exists in.
actoriduint32A 32-bit ID for the support agent executing this command. Use this for auditing purposes when you log this action.
commandstringThe name of the command being executed.
assetiduint32The asset ID of the asset to perform this command on. This parameter will only be present if asset_command was returned as true when the command was returned from GetContexts.
(other arguments)uint32Any options in the command will be returned with the option name as the key and the selected option value as the value. Any spaces in the option name will be replaced by underscores.


The output from this method should be encoded in the JSON format.

  • result
    • success - True if the method was successful. If the asset server is returning false, it should set error to a string that explains why.
    • error - A string describing why this call failed. This message will be recorded in the error log, which is available under the Economy menu item found under the Community drop-down in the Edit Steamworks Settings for your app.