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Добро пожаловать в справочник по API Steamworks!

В данном разделе представлен полный список всего, что доступно в API Steamworks. Чтобы настроить использование API Steamworks, перейдите в раздел «Обзор API Steamworks».

Обзор функций API Steamworks предоставлен в разделе «Список возможностей».

Документация по веб-API представлена в разделе «Справочник по веб-API Steamworks».

ISteamAppsExposes a wide range of information and actions for applications and Дополнительный контент (DLC).
ISteamAppTicketInterface to get app ownership data. This is used by the Steam DRM wrapper to let it ask about ownership with greater confidence.
ISteamClientInterface to create a new steam instance or to connect to an existing steam instance, whether it's in a different process or is local.
ISteamControllerSteam Controller support API.
ISteamFriendsInterface to access information about individual users and interact with the Оверлей Steam.
ISteamGameCoordinatorFunctions for sending and receiving messages from the Game Coordinator.
ISteamGameServerProvides the core of the Steam Game Servers API.
ISteamGameServerStatsFunctions to allow game servers to set stats and achievements on players.
ISteamHTMLSurfaceInterface for rendering and interacting with HTML pages.
ISteamHTTPA small and easy to use HTTP client to send and receive data from the web.
ISteamInventorySteam Inventory query and manipulation API.
ISteamMatchmakingFunctions for clients to access matchmaking services, favorites, and to operate on game lobbies.
ISteamMatchmakingServersFunctions which provide access to the game server browser.
ISteamMusicFunctions to control music playback in the steam client.
ISteamMusicRemoteAllows direct interaction with the Steam Music player.
ISteamNetworkingNetworking functions for making connections and sending data between clients, traversing NATs when possible.
ISteamRemoteStorageProvides functions for reading, writing, and accessing files which can be stored remotely in the Steam Cloud.
ISteamScreenshotsFunctions for adding screenshots to the user's screenshot library.
ISteamUGCFunctions to create, consume, and interact with the Steam Workshop.
ISteamUnifiedMessagesInterface to the Steam unified messages client.
ISteamUserFunctions for accessing and manipulating Steam user information.
ISteamUserStatsProvides functions for accessing and submitting stats, achievements, and leaderboards.
ISteamUtilsInterface which provides access to a range of miscellaneous utility functions.
ISteamVideoProvides functions to interface with the Steam video and broadcasting platforms.
SteamEncryptedAppTicketUtilities to decode/decrypt encrypted application tickets.
steam_apiProvides the core foundation to initialize and access the Steamworks API.
steam_gameserverProvides the core foundation to initialize and access the Steamworks GameServer API.