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Are you a developer or publisher interested in using Steam and Steamworks? Get started here! Or, if you are an existing Steamworks developer, sign in to access the Steamworks SDK and documentation

More about Steam and Steamworks

With millions of active daily players worldwide, support for 26 languages, 90+ payment methods, and pricing in 40 currencies, Steam is the place to reach a global audience and connect with customers.
  • Friends list and chat
  • Community hubs and discussion boards
  • User generated content
  • PC, Mac, Linux, Desktop, Television
Steamworks is a free suite of tools available to any developer to use in their game or software on Steam. Here is a small sampling of the available features:
  • Matchmaking
  • Steam Inventory Service
  • Anti-cheat technology
  • In-game economy with microtransactions
  • Management of user-generated content
  • Per-User cloud storage
With Direct Distribution, the distance to your customers is now even shorter. Just fill out some digital paperwork, pay a recoupable fee, and you'll be all set to upload your game and prepare for release.

You'll get access to Steamworks features, and your customers will benefit from all the features built into Steam.
Whether you're building a VR golf club or an indoor quad-copter, 3D tracking is the heart of your product. Developed in-house at Valve, SteamVR Tracking is a hardware/software solution that lets your devices know in real time where they are, within a room. Valve is now making SteamVR Tracking fully available to other companies, without licensing fees.
Steam is a great place for distributing 2D linear and immersive 360 game-related video content. Content must be directly related to gaming, or accessory content to games or software available on Steam.

We are not currently accepting non-gaming related video content for distribution.
Signing up for a free site license allows you to operate Steam's content or services in a public setting. There are a couple different options available under the site license for how your patrons can access site license content, so be sure to check out the full details below.

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